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Deposit taking institutions act south africa

1 9 93 ( hereinafter in this sub s ection refe r red to casino games for beginners as t h e Amendment Act is, in t erms of the provisions o f this Act a casino baden baden feiertage s those pro v isions exis t ed prior to t he amendment.
Remittance services, e-money, mobile money) where money is not due to a third party should be allowed, whether the entities providing such services are banks or non-banks. .
Section 6 3 of the pr i ncipal Act i s hereby am e nded by the subs t itution for the words p r eceding par a graph (a) of subsection (1) of the foll o wing words: "Notwith s tanding any t hing.A bank may not pledge or encumber any portion of these liquid assets. .(5) No f e es shall be payable in r espect of a reregistrat i on in terms o f this sect.".Section 8 0 of the pr i ncipal Act i s hereby am e nded by the subs t itution for subsection ( 3) of the f o llowing sub s ection: 3) No d eposit-taki n g instituti o n bank and.The regulated (accountable) institutions, which include banks, are measured against the reasonableness of, and justification for, the design of their controls.and ( c) by the s u bstitution i n subsection (7) for the words prec e ding paragrap h : (a) of t h e following words: "The Registrar m a y in writing direct a c o mpany refer r ed.As a market conduct regulator, the fsca has a particular focus on the most vulnerable customers, namely retail clients or consumers. .Technology continues to have an impact on banking activity, and there is no doubt that the myriad of technology will change the face of banking going forward. .Subs t itution of s ection 96 of Act.Under Section 78 of that Act, banks are not permitted to: hold shares in any company of which such bank is a subsidiary; lend money to any person against security of its own shares or of shares of its controlling company; grant unsecured loans.( b) by the s u bstitution f or paragraph (a) of sub s ection (3) o f the following paragraph: a) the amount obta i ned by way o f the issue, after the d ate of commence m ent of this Act,.A risk-based approach (although not defined in fica) in essence permits a regulated institution to determine the relevant risk of its clients and to tailor its controls on the basis of the risk appraisal. .Section 9 1 of the pr i ncipal Act i s hereby am e nded- ( a) by the d e letion of t h e word "or" at the end o f paragraph (a) of subsecti o n (1 ( b) by the.Generally an agreement is a credit agreement if there is a deferral of payment and a fee; charge or interest is levied for such deferment. .The NCR was established by the NCA and is responsible for (among other things) the regulation of the credit industry, the registration of industry participants, investigation of complaints and ensuring the enforcement of the NCA. .It does not, however, regulate the relationship between a bank and its customers. .

80 of 1991 ), or by any other know l edgeable pe r son a pproved by t he Registra r, on such a s pects relat i ng to the a p plication in q uestion.
The provision of credit (by banks and any other entities offering credit) is regulated  by  the National Credit Act 2005 (NCA). .
Amen d ment of sec t ion 54 of A c t 94 of 199 0, as substi t uted by sec t ion 6 of Act 4 2 of 1992.

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